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Il Viaggio delle Malvasie. The Journey of  Malvasia ,the mythical wine .

It is  a  documentary by Ginetto Campanini  for the  program GEO, RAI TV.

Our documentary tells  the tale of a journey, ours, following the tracks of Malvasia, a myth of wine.

The journey crosses the Poloponnese region,  simultaneously evoking  different historic eras which laid the foundations to our civilization : from the Greek of cult  of Dionysus ,The Francs ,the Bizantines, the Turks then onto the Venician  Republic , ending up at the antique port town of Monemvasia  where the wine originated as well as  took its name from.

On the outskirts of Monemvasia , Elli and Giorgos have in the past 20 years undertaken a great enterprise , dedicating their time to the rediscovery of the native variety of the Malvasia grape , noble for the blend of its ‘passito ‘ Monemvasia-Malvasia


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100% Blind Tasting (Monemvasia-Malvasia 2012) - Andreas Larsson 



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Monemvasia-Malvasia 2010 tasted by Darrel Corti in Athens!!!

Taste the Limited Series November from Wine of the Month Club on Vimeo.